Industry Leading Location Based Targeting and Attribution

The power and performance of location-based targeting is undeniable. Using our sophisticated GPS technology we can pinpoint an ad within 3 feet of your target zone. We are then able to supply you with campaign data related to the number of customers that visit stores based upon your campaigns.  

Does your current digital campaign drive foot traffic to stores across the USA?  Contact us and your next one will.



Realtime Location and Usage Data on Over 1 Billion Devices Every Month 


We have discovered that scale is the key ingredient in device targeting. Our goal is to reach as many devices as possible. Your targeting and attribution depends on it. Currently, we have usage data and attribution on more than 1 Billion devices. This includes upwards of 86% of the phones in the United States.




In-Store Visitation and Purchases Attributed to Your Media Campaigns


When you can draw a straight line of attribution from your digital media campaign directly to in-store sales you win big. Our GPS targeting systems matched with POS and purchase history data to deliver this 1-to-1 attribution. This type of 'north-star' KPI measurement is leading the industry today.