Q1Media was founded as a boutique digital media advertising agency in 2004. Our experience with advertisers and publishers has helped us create a Full Service Digital Marketing Suite that drives results for marketers. We develop the right audiences at scale, reach them via brand-safe quality ad placements, and provide real-time, actionable insights at our customer’s fingertips.

After more than a decade of growth, Q1Media has expanded its capabilities to meet the needs of today’s brand advertisers and marketers – rich first-party datasets, foot traffic attribution, you name it – all while fostering thousands of direct publisher relationships. More than ten years later and we are still innovating, still dedicated to driving better campaign results and insights, and still creating better opportunities for premium publishers.

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1:1 Personal Service - Unrivaled Performance and Insight

Our team of experts can tackle any campaign challenge and hit the metrics you need. Q1Media has been doing this for over a decade, and when users migrated from desktop to video and then to mobile, we helped hundreds of brands adapt the strategies they needed to execute their goals. We’re now doing more than ever before to deliver results with abundant intelligence for the new, data-driven marketer. 

Q1Verify: The Most Trusted Source for Inventory Quality Data

Q1Verify was created with one goal in mind:  Provide advertisers with a transparent selection of brand safe sites. Q1Verify combines the latest fraud detection technology with new audit processes to screen our inventory supply and take action daily.

Our comprehensive SIVT and viewability screening process enables us to show you which domains have the highest quality content, viewability and performance for your campaign before it runs.

Q1Media's Ad Units are Designed to be Seen

Q1Media created the Impact Suite – the most viewable video, mobile and display units in the industry – to bring advertisers the best ad performance and publishers incremental revenue across any device. Whether you are a premium publisher or major ad agency, the Impact Suite was designed to perform for you.

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