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Past Episodes of The Q Podcast
Sam Decker, Serial Entrepreneur discusses Augmented Reality and Staying Ahead of the Wave
TheChive Co-Founder, John Resig, and Atmosphere Brand Manager, Nate Mills 

The Impact of Data of Business: Past, Present and Future Featuring Andy Johnson and Chandos Quill

Ted Hastings, former CEO of RhythmOne and PERK and a Guinness Book of World Records holder!

Nathaniel Kronisch & Erin Connolly of Buying Time Media Discuss the Nuances of Digital Marketing for Political Candidates  

Dennis Ayotte and Sylvia Trevino of Anderson Marketing Discuss The Agency Culture Giving Anderson 50 Years of Staying Power 

Steve Chandler discusses the Branding of Cities and Small Towns for Travel and Tourism

Patricia Buchholtz of Look Think Make

Kirya Francis - New Austin Ad Fed President

Paul O'Brien Discussing Marketing, Funnels and Disruption

Matthew Gussin, VP at Amobee (Now at Zeta)

Les Stobart: ABC Home & Commercial Services, Director of Marketing

James Short: Executive Producer of Inwood Road Films

Dallas McLaughlin of Tallwave

Katie Terrazas - Catalyst Media Design 

Rebecca Kish: Social Media and Branding for an Auto Group

Mike Spadier of Heart of the Sun formerly with Onnit

Rachel Kubicki Collins on Non-Profit Digital Media and Her History with the Livestrong Foundation

Justin Gargiulo, Founder of VoterTrove Discusses Political Ads and Their Impact on Elections

Interview with Andrew Josuweit, Founder of Student Loan Hero


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