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Joe Bellavance & Matt Magnarelli: The 4 P's to Reaching Parents of College-Seeking Students

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

In this week’s podcast, The Q focuses on the Education vertical where industry leaders, Joe Bellavance, President & Founder of JBellavance Consulting, and Matt Magnarelli, Regional Sales Manager at Q1Media, discuss the industry transition from targeting students to targeting both students and parents. This new targeting strategy developed by JBellavance Consulting is called “The 4 P’s to Reaching Parents”.

The 4 P’s to reaching parents of college-seeking students:

1. Profiling – Profile and model past students.

2. Prospects – Find the most accurate households based on the model.

3. Prepare – Prepare messaging to reach these households.

4. Placement – How to reach these prospects through digital outreach in an omnichannel way.

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