Power Up The Publisher

We pledge to maximize publisher’s ad revenue by designing ad units that:

  • Advertisers love
  • Don’t cover up your content
  • Maximize CPMs across video, mobile and display
  • Are easy to implement

When Q1Media started, our goal was to help web publishers make their sites as valuable as possible to advertisers. Today, we leverage header bidding, private exchanges in multiple marketplaces and our direct sales team to help our publishers make more money. This is how we Power Up The Publisher!

See the Impact Suite that Helps Power Up The Publisher

Q1Media Impact Suite

Q1Media pioneered and perfected the high-impact ad unit. They are designed to be seen and to evoke interaction across video, mobile and display.  Advertisers love them because they perform. You’ll love them because they make every page more valuable.

Our Hydra Platform

Hydra is a robust Publisher dashboard built by Q1Media, designed to manage and optimize all your ad inventory.  With just one line of code, you can also have access to new video, mobile and display revenue.  By providing access to proprietary ad units such as Q1Media’s vSlider Video Unit, Impact Display Unit and Impact Mobile Unit, you have access to 100 percent viewable ad units that can be customized to match the look and feel of your site.  These ad units are in addition to the ads you already have running, so they instantly increase the per page revenue of your site.  

Q1Media’s Hydra Platform Gives You Access To:

  • The most impactful ad units
    Earn more with Q1Media’s Impact Suite.
  • Real-time reporting
    Know the effectiveness of every ad unit on your site.
  • Automatic ad unit optimization   
    Insert one line of code and we take care of the rest.
  • Your own personal help desk 
    Quickly resolve any issues you may have.

Mobile Infographic

Your mobile traffic is growing.  Q1Media can help you monetize it.  Download this free infographic to get the latest stats, info and readiness tips. 

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