The Most Trusted Source for Inventory Quality Data

Fraudulent and bot traffic cause advertisers and brands to lose billions of dollars per year.  Q1Media decided to do something about this. We created a process to bring transparency to our media buying partners.  

Introducing Q1Verify, a proprietary process of generating pre-bid data that allows buyers to have access to key publisher data points ensuring the best results for your media campaigns. With Q1Verify, before you ever place a buy, you will have access to:

  • Viewability reports
  • Site quality data
  • CTR, VTR and other performance data

Our team of experts will then help you decide which sites will best accomplish your campaign goals based on this data and your specific criteria.


Why Q1Verify?

Unlike so many other industry pre-bid data processes, Q1Verify leverages data from several external sources as well as our own performance data and proprietary processes to get the most in-depth analysis of our publisher’s sites. Q1Verify identifies and eliminates sites with fraudulent traffic resulting in the best site list for viewability and performance. 

Get the Infographic

Want to know more about Q1Verify, how it works, what it does and how it can help your digital campaigns?  Just click here to download our free infographic.  

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