Impact Display

The Impact Desktop Unit was designed to leverage standard IAB unit sizes and break through banner blindness that standard display can cause. This unit is 100% viewable and always above the fold even as the user scrolls through the page. The Impact Desktop Unit is in view more than 2x longer than the standard display unit with nearly 4x the hover rate all verified by MOAT. This means it is highly viewable and more impactful than any other desktop ad unit. ¬†Our ‘impossible to miss’ design allows your message to be seen and recalled more than any other display format.

  • 100% above the fold and always in view
  • Does not cover up primary content on the page
  • Locks in-view when scrolling up or down
  • Exclusive owned and operated inventory
  • Can serve: 300×250, 160×600, 300×600 at scale