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If you want your message to stand out among your target audience, you need to find a way to get your video, mobile and desktop creative seen 100% of the time. Q1Media’s Impact Suite was designed to help you accomplish this.

Eliminate Ad Fraud with Q1Verify

Now that you know your ads will be in view, ensure you are paying for real traffic. Let Q1Verify show you which sites have the highest quality content, viewability and performance for your campaign before it runs.

Video Infographic

Video advertising is growing, are you taking advantage?  Download our free infographic to get the latest stats, info and readiness tips. 

Video Viewability

Q1Media has created the vSlider Video ad unit that is impossible to miss, is alway above the fold, has a 2 second in view rate of over 82% and a completion quality of nearly 64%.  Want to know more?

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